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Lithuania is uniquely country – green and flat land in the north of Europe, ashore the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is one of three Baltic countries. The capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, and second largest city Kaunas – has always been a multinational, multilingual, and multicultural European cities. 

Lithuania is referred to as the Center of Europe by its cultural criteria. A lot of beautiful and pristine nature, fascinating cities, clean air, security, friendly people, eventful, and pulsating cultural life in Lithuania. Country has preserved many pagan and folk traditions that are still alive in villages. On the other hand, big cities are rich with vibrant cultural life and endless entertainment opportunities. There are numerous museums that have accumulated huge collections, national and private art galleries, the never-ending buzz of theatre and music halls, fascinating nightlife, a variety of entertainment options and sports events.

National flag State Emblem 

Total area: 65,300 sq. km or 25,174 sq. miles

Population: 2 823 000

Language: Lithuanian

National Currency: Euro (€)

Local time: GMT + 2 hours

International telephone code: +370

Geographical location: The Republic of Lithuania lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea

Neighbour countries: Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus

Government: Democratic Republic

Ethnicity: Lithuanian – 83.5%, Polish – 6.7%, Russian – 6.3%, Belarusian – 1.2%, other – 2.3%

Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic (approximately 80% of the total population)

Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz. European style 2-pin plugs

Climate: Oceanic/continental. Average temperature in July is +17°C, in January -4.9°C. However, temperatures can soar up to +30°C in summer, and drop down to -32°C in winter

Passport and Visas: all foreign visitors entering Lithuania must have a valid passport or identity card. For some countries a visa is necessary. Please visit this site for more information about visas:  

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