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Laparoscopic Skills Workshop (LAST+T | SUT+T) will take place on 22nd day and 23rd day for different groups of participants. The day of Workshop you will be able to select during online registration.

22 October 2018
8.00–15.00 Practical and Theoretical sessions

1st group will be split in two subgroups A and B

 Lecture session* A B

23 October 2018
8.00–15.00 Practical and Theoretical sessions

2nd group will be split in two subgroups C and D

Lecture session*CD

*Lecture session (180 min)

During this lecture session participants will be informed on the training possibilities in endoscopy in Lithuania. Furthermore they will receive an overview of the ESGE GESEA training programme, including the laparoscopic and hysteroscopic training models of +he Academy.


  • Endoscopic training: different modalities local speaker
  • Importance of endoscopic training Local speaker
  • Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) Programme H. Ferreira
  • Ergonomy and basic laparoscopic suturing R. Aliyeva
  • Modern hysteroscopy and training H. Ferreira
  • Loading the needle and stiching techniques R. Aliyeva

**Hands-on session
(180 min)

Laparoscopic psychomotor skill Assessment
Participants are invited to test the basic laparoscopic skills through the LASTT method developed by +he Academy. For the first time a scientific validated method has been defined where, independent of the medical skills, the required psychomotor skills for laparoscopy are being assessed. Participants will go through an assessment of three exercises, performed in a pelvic trainer box and using the appropriate endoscopic equipment and instruments. 

Laparoscopic suturing skills
Laparosopic suturing is a challenging skill and seen as a necessary skill for every laparoscopic surgeon which can be learned and trained on an inanimate model. The participants will work in pairs of similar experience and will receive depending on their basic skills an exercise programme appropriate to their level.