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Dear friends, 

On behalf of Lithuanian Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy Section next to Lithuanian Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (LAOG) and EFC we invite you to join us in the 3rd Baltic Colposcopy Conference to be held in Kaunas on 23-24th of April, 2020. 

Three Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – aimed to organize the Baltic Colposcopy Conference every second year and it is the third time we are going to meet together. We are happy to announce, that this is the first time the Conference is going to be held in Lithuania. 

All three Baltic countries have one of the highest cervical cancer incidences in Europe. Recently there have been many developments in the field of cervical cancer prevention. We have effective vaccines, HPV tests, diagnostic devices etc. We have screening programmes that enable us to make further steps in diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology and to reduce the risk of illness. Nevertheless, at some point colposcopy is a very important step in the pyramid and poor colposcopy may compromise all the prevention and screening tests done. Effective collaboration and regular focused meetings are a good opportunity to come together and discuss common problems, training guidelines and clinical performance quality standards.

Lithuania still has challenges in performing and training the colposcopy. Training, algorithms, guidelines and evidence based medicine may help us in a shared interest in reducing the burden of avoidable disease. The exchange of the experience between specialists of the three Baltic countries and international experts in the field of cervical cancer prevention is an important step towards improvement of the colposcopy service in the Baltic region. Hope that Pre-Conference Basic Course on Colposcopy will help us to make one more step in improving the care of woman in cervical screening programs.

We very much hope you will find a high-level scientific forum as well as a warm hospitality of Kaunas.






Pre-Conference Basic Course on Colposcopy

24 April FRIDAY

EFC – LAGD 3rd Baltic Colposcopy Conference

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