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It is a privilege to invite you to our 6th Kaunas / Lithuania International Hematology / Oncology Colloquium. Despite having a short history, the meeting has an astonishing record of highlights. Key opinion leaders have reported their latest insights in malignant hematology, stem cell plasticity, gene editing and cellular therapy. This year we tried to pick up again the newest and most relevant achievements and burning questions in experimental and clinical hematology. We are extremely happy that leading scientists agree to share their insights and visions and are at disposition to exchange experience and answer open questions. Special thanks to Professor Rainer Storb, the giant in stem cell transplantation from the first hour and the father of many changing practices in stem cell transplantation. Another key person of the meeting will be Professor Paul Richardson from Harvard, who was seminal in developing several drugs we are routinely using in Multiple Myeloma and in Veno-Occlusive-Disease / Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome. But all other presenters shaped hematology, oncology and coagulation as well. Latest news on gene therapy and mRNA technology will be presented. We cannot go along today without speaking about COVID-19 in hematological disorders and unraveling mechanisms of vaccination reactions. The newly developed vaccination technology will pave the way for malignancies and even for autoimmune diseases.

We hope that the presentations of the new achievements in 2020/2021 will be useful to you as a physician across different disciplines, as a scientist, as a nurse and as a student. Even if the meeting is virtual, you will have enough time to discuss on the edge topics with the presenters and we are sure that the next meeting in one year will be in person. Many thanks to the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences for hosting such an outstanding Colloquium.


Assoc. Prof. Rolandas Gerbutavicius
Prof. Elona Juozaityte
Prof. Dietger Niederwieser




Prof. Dietger Niederwieser (Leipzig, Germany)

Assoc. Prof. Rolandas Gerbutavicius (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Arturas Inciura (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Elona Juozaityte (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Sandra Lejniece (Riga, Latvia)
Domas Vaitiekus (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Assoc. Prof. Rolandas Gerbutavicius (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Elona Juozaityte (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Prof. Dietger Niederwieser (Leipzig, Germany)
Domas Vaitiekus (Kaunas, Lithuania)


In annual Kaunas / Lithuania International Hematology / Oncology Colloquium design you can find objects of Kaunas modernist architecture. 

This year is dedicated to the Vytautas the Great War Museum, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary from establishing and in 1936 moved to magnificent palace designed by architects Vladimiras Dubeneckis, Karolis Reisonas, Kazys Kriščiukaitis.


Lithuania is an unique country – green and flat land in the north of Europe, ashore the Baltic Sea. It is one of the three Baltic countries. The capital of Lithuania – Vilnius has always been a multinational, multilingual, and multicultural European city. 

Lithuania is referred to as the Centre of Europe by its cultural criteria. There is a lot of beautiful and pristine nature, fascinating cities, clean air, security, friendly people, eventful, and pulsating cultural life in Lithuania. 

The country has preserved many pagan and folk traditions that are still alive in villages. On the other hand, big cities are rich with vibrant cultural life and endless entertainment opportunities. There are numerous museums that have accumulated huge collections, national and private art galleries, the never-ending buzz of theatre and music halls, fascinating nightlife, a variety of entertainment options and sports events.

Total area: 65,300 sq. km or 25,174 sq. miles
Population: 2 793 397 
Language: Lithuanian
Currency: Euro
Local time: GMT + 2 hours
International telephone code: +370
Geographical location: The Republic of Lithuania lies on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea
Climate: Maritime/Continental.         

Neighbour countries: Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus
Government: Democratic Republic
Ethnicity: Lithuanian – 84.2%, Polish – 6.6%, Russian – 5.8%, Belarusian – 1.2%, Ukrainians – 0.5%, Other – 1.7%
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic (approximately 77.2% of the total population)
Electricity: 220 V, 50 Hz. European style 2-pin plugs



Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania with about 300 thousand population. Kaunas is located in the central part of Lithuania on the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers – Nemunas and Neris. Kaunas is located 100 kilometres from the capital Vilnius and 212 kilometres from the country's major seaport Klaipeda.

Kaunas is an attractive centre of business and industry as well as science, studies and culture. Famous music, dance, visual art festivals and exceptional projects are held in Kaunas. It is the provisional capital of Lithuania, famous for its colourful history, cosy parks, remarkable and wonderful Old Town and interwar spirit. 

More about Kaunas city click here


Kaunas Modernistic Architecture

In 2015 Kaunas was granted the sign of European heritage and included into the list of UNESCO design cities. Nowadays – this is an exceptional inheritance, witnessing the golden period of flourishment of the city, when Kaunas as a historical capital of Lithuania developed its modernistic architecture in parallel with other European cities. 

In Lithuania, modernistic architecture developed into its own specific form and is therefore called the Kaunas school of architecture.Do not miss a chance to visit the most important objects in the interwar period – Kaunas Garrison Officer's Club, Central Post Office, Christ's Resurrection Church, Vytautas the Great War Museum and many more.

Kaunas International Hematology / Oncology Colloquium in event's design use  Kaunas modernistic architecture objects pictures.

Photo's Author Gintaras Česonis


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